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Westone Audio.
The Dark Horse 
of High-Fidelity

Westone Audio is the world’s leading innovator of in-ear sound technology, and produces premium-fidelity earphones for audiophiles, and reference-level in-ear monitors for professional musicians. Over the past four decades, the brand has quietly built a dedicated consumer base that spans the globe, at the center of which is a fiercely loyal following in Japan and China. 


Every earphone set features Westone’s trademark sound signature, built into a customizable ergonomic design that reduces ear fatigue and isolates sound better than noise cancelling. Westone’s legacy of innovation, its scope of influence, and its unwavering commitment to premium-fidelity sound experience from the listener’s point of view are unequaled. 

Westone Audio_

Brand Image Campaign:
The Last Word
in Sound.

Westone's benchmark for growth in the US is the replication of their runaway success in the Asian consumer markets. Given the cultural and socio-economic differences between the US and Asia, this proved a daunting challenge.


Three distinct brand campaigns were developed for launch across channels, and each targeted a specific audience within the pro musician and audiophile segments. All three campaign strategies leveraged Westone's legacy of pioneering innovations as well as the ultimate benefit to the user: an immersive sound experience like no other.

Westone Audio_

Brand Image

Find Your
True West

With Westone earphones stowed for the journey, one's True North is now due West— and always close at hand. The second campaign built on the equity of the brand's namesake, and the power of an immersive sound experience to transport a listener to a different time and place.


Our audience segment research confirmed early on that the eternal spirit of independence and adventure associated with America and the Wild West held a growing appeal in the Asian markets. Images of the American West and vintage modes of travel became the DNA of the campaign.

Westone Audio_

Ad Campaign:

Find Your
True West. 

Find Your True West became a rallying cry for the brand, and the linchpin in a campaign rolled out across channels. Media recommendations for digital included content placements on Pandora and Spotify, in addition to rich media and retargeting with the usual suspects on social channels.


The campaign was easily adapted to a series of lifestyle visuals and messaging, leveraged across

print ads, in-story displays and merchandising, digital kiosks, and carefully targeted out-of home.

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