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Our Services_

Our client partners achieve their fullest when their customers do. This simple notion is our guiding philosophy and the reason we get out of bed. While our expertise runs the gamut, all of our work begins with a commitment to learning and understanding who that customer is, and who she'll become.

This bedrock insight informs every step we take with our client partners. It enables us to anticipate needs and to shed light on otherwise unforeseen obstacles. Be it a new product, a new market, or a new chapter in an organization's growth, every strategy, brand or experience we build is based on an understanding of the user's needs. 

We’re Dedicated
Champions of 
the User


Discovery, Research
& Audiences


Brand Strategy
& Positioning


Brand Identity,
Naming & Messaging


Content & Influencer


Advertising for 
Mobile, Social & Print


Web, Video &
Interactive Content


Branded Experiences 
& Environments


Products, Packaging
& Merchandising


Event & Sponsorship

Our Experience_

Our client partners hail from every corner of the business world, and if they’ve taught us anything, it’s that the relationship is the reward– not the work. While there is no substitute for stand-out solutions that solve complex problems, we earn our stripes, shoulder-to-shoulder, in the muck and the glory of our clients' day-to-day. 

Ask one of us if the impossible situation you've just been handed can be solved– the odds are good we'll have a story to share. And then we'll roll up our sleeves, and join you in the trenches.

We’re Built
on More Than Experience

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About Us_

When Tenacity
Met True Grit

Founding partners Christian McDaniel and Matt Ward solve complex business problems through informed creative. They thrive on it. Their client partners hire them because they understand that genuine insight on day one is their best shot at moving mountains. Insight cuts a path to new ways of thinking— smarter strategies, better products, stronger brands, and more compelling experiences.

Christian is a seasoned veteran of the luxury brand space with experience spanning entertainment and restaurant design, food / beverage and CPG, with an affinity for wine packaging and environment design. Matt brings a complementary focus on brand strategy that runs the gamut from corporate communications to destination and influencer marketing, product design, film and advertising. Our work in these broad ranging industry verticals and areas of expertise is galvanized by a single focus: results-driven problem solving through new ways of thinking. 

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