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Gearing Up for
Scout by PPB

Everest, or the bodega. Wherever you set your compass, a Scout bag is de rigueur for life’s explorers. In old world leather or post-modern felt, lined like a hotel suite in Katmandu, you’ll find luxury in every detail. Scout has blazed the trail.

Scout is a unique line of rugged, well-designed bags designed to remind new fathers that they’re as stylish and intrepid as they ever were. 

Scout by PPB_

Blazing a New
Trail in an Old

Scout's foray into the crowded men's gear category quickly redefined what was possible in a versatile bag that combined premium materials and workmanship with genuinely innovative functionality. 

We collaborated with Scout and built the brand from the ground up, including naming, brand identity, messaging, Website design, integrated product marketing, print and digital advertising, social content, product and package design, collateral, merchandising, and events.

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