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Art & Dance
The Grand Rapids Ballet

The Grand Rapids Ballet brings together a vibrant spectrum of dance, theater and performance art, including urban dance, modern choreography, interpretive theater, and truly ground-breaking collaborations with contemporary artists and musicians of all genres.


All of this inspired the development of a new brand positioning strategy, “Beyond Ballet.” The campaign that followed was designed not only to bolster membership, but to reset the public's perception of the Grand Rapids Ballet.

The Grand Rapids Ballet_

A New Identity
for a New Kind
of Ballet


Vital to a sustained increase in membership was raising awareness for the Ballet's avant garde approach to traditional and modern dance, performance art and unexpected collaborations.


An integrated campaign aimed at several audience segments was developed to emphasize the less conventional aspects of the reimagined ballet company. It leveraged the new brand positioning and identity, verbal and visual tone of voice, and tactics across print and digital channels.

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