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A Vision for
the Future

BioNitrogen is the world's first and only carbon-negative manufacturer of a nitrogen-rich urea produced with naturally occurring biomass in place of harmful chemicals, fracking and natural gas.


The proprietary process fulfills a growing range of industrial and commercial applications including marine biology, bioscience, cosmetics, medical research and alternative fuel development.


World’s First
Energy Source

BioNitrogen's American-based, carbon-negative manufacturing focus is a commitment to the improvement of American agricultural processes and local communities alike. Their innovative, compact-footprint manufacturing plants are modular and designed to be installed in the rural communities they serve, close to sources of natural biomass.

Services: Investor Relations strategy; brand positioning strategy and identity; brand messaging and standards; Website strategy, UX / UI design and implementation; online stock price reporting tools; multi-channel advertising; branded livery design.

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